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Focke Wulf Stieglitz
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A sunset rendezvous with a 1936 built Focke Wulf Stieglitz on a late summer afternoon over the green fields of Germany. This beautiful biplane is the (most probably) first Focke Wulf Stieglitz ever built and was lovingly restored by its owners Friedrich Diehl and Thomas Holz, who found this vintage biplane in Argentina and made this valuably part of aviation history finally fly again, after many hours of restauration.

While flying so close to the nice old lady, watching the beautiful scenery of green fields and trees, painted by the magical light of sunset time, this famous pretty quote by Amelia Earhart came to our mind: "You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky."

There are no more words to say to describe, what actually is so difficult to put into words: The real magic of flight. Enjoy the ride and get into the magic of flight, while watching those visible and even invisible shadows, Amelia Earhart was talking about...
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