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Close Formation

When you are sitting together with aviators or others who share a passion for aviation, the question may sometimes arise about your own individual meaning of aviation. How does it feel for you to be airborne? What are your thoughts when you are way up in the air dancing with the clouds or just looking down at your everyday routines, problems or even sorrows?

A conversation like this arose at our Barnstormer BBQ this year, when we were sitting together with some really nice fellow aviators - and this conversation was my inspiration while doing this movie. Freedom, reflection, adventure, fun and some magic things words can't even describe, may be the meaning and the spirit of it all: The spirit of getting airborne.

Hans, owner of the Old Crow, once said, "Biplanes contain a magic that goes beyond words". But if you listen to the unspoken, they sometimes tell you a story. So come and take a ride with the Storyteller "Old Crow" and listen to the beautiful stories, a vintage biplane could tell... Air-To-Air