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Z-1 S & Z-21 `Flitzer´

Lynn Williams

Its powered by a 60 ps. Volkswagen aero-conversion, this aeroplane is one of three examples flying in the UK, with dozens more, of several variants under construction around the world, with many prototypes, namely the Z-1 Type S Stummelflitzer (Kunstflugzeug), Z-1 Type M Meteor (Rennflugzeug), Z-21 Flitzer (Sportflugzeug Serie),
Z-1 Type K Kobold (leichtestes-kleinstes Rennflugzeug), SK26 & Z-2 Schwalbe (Doppelsitzer). They are intended for a variety of engines, such as the Aero Vee, and the Rotec R2800 7-cylinder Sternmotor, 110 PS. So far only the Z-1 & Z-21s have flown, and they exhibit superb flying qualities and excellent performance on modest power. Their manoeuvrability is outstanding, and the joy of flying these oldtimers is without comparison.

(Lynn Williams)

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!Thanks a lot Lynn! Air-To-Air