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Or... ..."the real way of flying" in a primitive-looking machine built from wood, metal rigging wires, a few metal fittings, cloth, a little bit of varnish and an engine, which only wants to start after ten minutes of very physical effort, pulling to rotate the propeller with one's whole body weight...and a special sort of magic starts to happen... When eventually, the airplane gracefully lifts itself skyward after its slow takeoff run, with the wind whipping in one's face and the engine's roar reaching one's ears...... then one feels free!

Unfortunately I can describe this feeling only from the passenger's perspective, because I do not have a fullsize pilot's license, nor my own aircraft-and I'm quite sure I'll never have either one of my own. But I will use each opportunity I can obtain, usually two or three times in a year, to fly as a passenger in these wondrous six or seven decade old machines! These old time aircraft simply have a special "something" about them for me to enjoy!


This feeling from the early days of aviation is something the team of would love to share through pictures of airshows, vintage aircraft in museums, and stories of pilots' own flying experiences. would to help everyone around the world relive these adventures, with YOUR help!

Do you possess photos of airshows, preserved museum aircraft, or even your OWN vintage original, or reproduction antique aircraft? Are you a pilot and have interesting stories to tell about these "flying time machines"? Please...don't keep these to yourself!

Send your Stories or pictures to us and help the world share the feeling of aviation's great early history...... besides, jet and glider pilots are always welcome!"

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